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Weed Coast: Thoughtful, Cannabis-Infused Ways to Show Mom Some Love

07 May, 2018

Give mom what she really wants: soothing bath salts, olive oils and sleep-inducing strains.

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Marketing Your Store: A Case Study

27 April, 2018

As you’re starting to develop a marketing plan for your store, you’ll need to maneuver your way around marketing and advertising rules and restrictions at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. At the time of writing, those rules are still being written and they will evolve over time, so how can licensed retailers be innovative in their marketing?

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The Herbal Chef - Vancouver Documentary Trailer

21 April, 2018

Check out the first look at the trailer for - The Herbal Chef: Vancouver Documentary

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Ahead of Grassroots Expo, cannabis chef Chris Sayegh cooks for Vancouver

02 April, 2018

For top cannabis chef Christopher Sayegh, the quality of his food is the key consideration over its THC content

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Farm & Florist - Lemon Garlic Sicilian Salmon Recipe

03 March, 2018

Take a read below on how to prepare this delicious meal infused with your favourite Farm & Florist ingredients!

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